What did I learn?

I feel that after taking this course I learned a lot about teaching, learning, and about myself.  I really see that I have a new perspective on using technology in classroom.  I would use technology more as a motivation than as a way of teaching.  I know I have learned this because now I have a deeper appreciation in using technology as a learning tool.  In my course I have shared what makes a meaningful resources and what is one that promotes drill based learning.  What helped me in my learning was the feedback and interaction.  I learned a lot from everyone’s posts and courses.  Lisa’s course had so many great tools and resources for students to show their learning.  After reviewing the course I said to myself, “I wish I did that”.

What hindered my learning was time.  This course was a big adjustment in how much time I needed to set aside for this course.  I feel as though my school activities got in the way.  I really put too much on my plate this year as far as being involved in school activities.  This coming school year I am not going to do as much so I can focus more on taking the online courses.

In the beginning of this course I was very overwhelming and did know if I could make.  Through support of my friends, family, and in reading through others reflection blogs I saw that I wasn’t the only one and that this was a challenge that I needed to concur.  I am so glad that I stuck with it because I learned so much and I can definitely take this with me in my teaching.