Finding My Way

I began the second module with a better understanding of the expectations of this course.  I continue to learn about more strategies and resources involved in online learning and more about myself as a learner.  I have been focusing this past week on the discussion board, making sure I provide adequate posts with resources.  My biggest struggle is trying to dig deeper.  I tend to have all of these ideas and it is hard for me to convey these ideas in one post.  I have been trying to focus on one key idea and to explain my knowledge learned from the articles based on the idea.  I have been taking my time on the posts to do research and articles that will enhance my post.  I know I still need to do more work in this area.

In reading the posts in the discussion board, I have learned about new ideas and tools on the internet that can make an online course an engaging experience.  In my online course, I would really love to make the online experience visual and personable for students.  I want my course to be meaningful and applicable to the classroom setting.  In making a course about the Common Core Standards in Mathematics, I know it will be a lot of reading and research so, I want to find a way where I can make this course interactive.  Blogging will definitely be a resource to consider.  Students can reflect on each other’s activities and share their thoughts on their implementation of the Common Core Standards in Mathematics.  In the discussion board, Amy and I had similar questions about making peer to peer collaboration effective in our courses.  I really liked the idea of badging (G, 2012) because it makes self/peer/teacher evaluations more student friendly with illustrations and “badges” to show the qualities possessed within the completed assignment.  Making a balance between autonomy and learning in context will be something that I would like to strive in my online course. Through the initiation of discussion boards and blogs there will be a sense of mutuality within the online community.  The students can either make or break the culture of the class.  This puts lots of  preparation by the instructor to make this possible (Misanchuk). What ideas do you have to establish this balance of content learning and discussions?



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